Electric Enclosures
As experts with many years of experience in the field of housings and electrics, we can offer you a huge selection of different empty enclosures for industrial use.
Our qualified employees meet your individual processing needs with the most modern CNC-controlled machines and systems.

Why Choose China Enclosure

There’s no difference in choosing an electronic enclosure from anywhere in the world. You can choose from a variety of sources and materials. So why Toko enclosure?


1.Good price  

There are some big and famours enclosure manufactures in world like Takachi(Japan, Manufacture), Polycase(America, Reseller), OKW(German, Manufacture), Budind(America, Manufacture), Hammond(America, Manufacture).

They all come from west countries and their enclosures are expensive. Here is their quote for examble:

WP-32F   115.06*89.92*55.12 mm

100 pcs – $9.37/ pc   1000 pcs – $8.28/pc 

Our quote:

BS5-1      122*90*53 mm

100 pcs – $1.6/pc     1000 pcs – $ 1.5/pc

2. Free samples 

What ever samples you want, we can offer you free samples, you just need to pay for the freight!

China Enclosure are good and cheap enclosures

China Enclosure are good and cheap enclosures Why we can offer you nice enclosure? Our enclosure may work best with you! We live in an age of choice. Walk into the produce section of any chain grocery store and you can choose from apples, oranges, grapes or berries at any time of the year. Prices

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Selecting Outdoor Electronic Enclosures

Selecting Outdoor Electronic Enclosures   Electronic equipment with outdoor components or for outdoor use, that will be exposed to elements that do not need protection for indoor electronic equipment. Choosing a electronic enclosure that can reliably withstand these outdoor factors is as important as choosing the components that the enclosure will contain. One of the

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What is IP65 plastic enclosure?

  WHAT IS IP65 PLASTIC ENCLOSURES?   IP65 rating In Toko Enclosure, we use the IEC standardized international (or import) protection specification system to measure the enclosure capability. The IP code reflects the degree of protection as “IP”, followed by two numbers; the first number shows the degree of protection of the enclosure from particles

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How to Order Standard Plastic Enclosures with Custom Cut-Outs & Printing

How to Order Standard Plastic Enclosures with Custom Cut-Outs & Printing A European customer recently sent us an email asking how to order a standard plastic electronic case with custom milling. Customization is an important part of the products and services we offer in ChinaEnclosures.com, which is why we make customization as easy as possible.

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Cable gland: realize NEMA 4x multi entry electronic enclosure

“If I have circuit breakers in my chassis, can I still reach the NEMA 4x rating? “This is a common problem we solve at Chinaenclosures.com , and the answer is yes. Our NEMA rated plastic cable gland allows multiple cables to be connected in your electronics enclosure without compromising any of its protective properties. Filling

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